2017 Honda Pilot: Getting It Right This Time

Honda did not really mess up the Honda Pilot, in fact, the Honda Pilot was a big hit but it was obvious that there was room for improvement and Honda has decided to start working on that.

One of the biggest issues that Honda Pilot users seems to have with the Honda Pilot is the lack of interior space. To fix that, Honda announces that they will be redesigning the interior of the Honda Pilot to get more out of the Pilot.

Although the interior should be a little more spacious now, the exterior measurement and design will remain unchanged. Since the design is still pretty new, we don’t think their customers will have an issue with having the same design.

Besides getting an interior upgrade, Honda will also be working to reduce the overall weight of the vehicle. It has been reported that Honda will be looking to use some lighter material to build the Honda Pilot so that it will weigh less when it arrives.

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