2017 Honda Pilot: Even More Perfect Now

Most people would be happy with what Honda has to offer right now but of course, there is always space for improvement and Honda is not looking to stop until they get the Honda Pilot as close to perfect as they can.

We know that the 2017 Honda Pilot will not be getting any exterior upgrade since the design is still fairly new but the 2017 model will not be a carried-over model as well.

According to Honda, they are working on redesigning the interior of the Honda Pilot so that their customers will have a little more interior space right now. Cramp interior was on of the complaints the people seems to have.

Besides getting a more spacious interior, the Honda Pilot will also be dropping some extra weight thanks to the new and lighter material that Honda will be using to build the 2017 Honda Pilot. This should help improve the performance and fuel economy of the Honda Pilot.

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