2017 Honda Pilot: Changes Not Easy To Spot

If you were asked to different the 2017 Honda Pilot and the current 2016 Honda Pilot from the outside, you probably won’t be able to point out anything since Honda made it clear that they won’t be making any changes to the size and design of the Honda Pilot. However, the 2017 Honda Pilot will still be getting some much-needed upgrade.

Since the Honda Pilot design is still very new, it made sense that Honda would want to keep it around for a little longer before messing with it. People still seems to like what the Pilot has to offer on the outside now so why mess with it.

While the exterior will remain the same, the interior of the Honda Pilot will not. To make sure the 2017 is more spacious, Honda will be working on redesigning the interior of the Honda Pilot.

It has also been reported that Honda will be replacing some parts with new parts made with lighter materials to reduce the overall weight of the car. Although this is not a huge upgrade, we still think that it is an upgrade that is worth waiting for.

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