2017 Honda Pilot: All About The Interior

There is no need to get excited over the exterior of the 2017 Honda Pilot since Honda will not be making any major upgrades to the exterior of the 2017 model but the interior is a whole other story.

The exterior of the Honda Pilot will remain the same for 2017. According to Honda, the Pilot is still fairly new so there is really no need to give it an upgrade. What they want to work on here is the interior of the Honda Pilot.

The Honda Pilot seems to have a lot of issue with interior space. A lot of customers are saying that they wished the Pilot had more interior space and that is exactly what Honda is working to achieve with this upgrade.

They will be redesign interior so that they get more space out of it. The Honda Pilot will also be shedding some extra pounds thanks to the lighter material used to build the 2017 model.

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