2017 Honda CR-V vs Toyota RAV4: Honda Missing Out While They Slack Off

Toyota took full advantage of the demand for hybrid models by offering the Toyota RAV4 with a hybrid option this time around. According to the reports, the addition of the new hybrid model has helped boost the Toyota RAV4 sales by 10%.

With such a promising start for the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid, you would think that Honda will be scrambling to come out with a hybrid version of their own to take on the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid but it is clear that Honda is not worried about it at all.

While there are rumors saying that Honda is looking to offer a hybrid option on their Honda CR-V, it is believed that it will only happen when the new 2018 model arrives.

Despite the advantages that the Toyota RAV4 has right now, the CR-V is still ahead of them in terms of sales but we don’t think Honda should feel comfortable until they get the hybrid out.

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