2017 Honda CR-V Loses Edge Over Missing Hybrid

Honda has been working hard to close the gap between them and the Toyota RAV4 which has been leading the pack this year. One of the reasons why people believe Honda seems to be having so much difficulties catching up to the Toyota RAV4 is because the 2017 model does not come with a hybrid option while the RAV4 does.

The arrival of the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid have helped boost the sales numbers of the RAV4 significantly and the longer Honda stay in the competition without a Hybrid option, the better it will probably be for the RAV4.

It has been reported that the Toyota RAV4 sales when up by 10% after the release of the Hybrid model. Chances are, the 2017 Honda CR-V will not be getting a new hybrid option this time around but it is believed that the 2018 Honda CR-V will be fitted with a plug-in hybrid option.

Do you think that will give them an edge over the Toyota RAV4?

Steven Estevez

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