2017 Honda CR-V Continue Where The Pilot Left Off

The Honda Pilot has helped increase the sales number for Honda when it was first released but of course, things have been slowing down for the people hauler but fear not because the Honda CR-V is here to pick things up for Pilot.

It has been reported that the Honda Pilot sales have slowed down ever since the 2016 model was released but the overall sales for the Honda trucks and SUV have been rising and Honda will have the Honda CR-V to thank for that.

New reports are saying that the Honda CR-V have been going up even without the hybrid option and it is believed that this will only get better for them as they prepare to bring in the upgraded model with possibly a hybrid engine option in the future.

Powering the Honda CR-V right now is a turbocharged four-cylinder engine that will be offering about 190hp and will retail for $25,000.

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