2017 Honda CR-V: Civic Won With Looks

The Honda CR-V would have looked great whichever way but we sure are glad that the Honda CR-V ended up getting the Honda Civic design instead of the Honda Pilot.

It is not that we do not like what the Honda Pilot has to offer right now but compared to the Honda Civic, the Honda Pilot feels more serious and toned down. The Honda Civic design looks more exciting and fun and it would do the CR-V a lot of good to have a more interesting and head-turning design.

Not only will the Honda CR-V be getting some of the Civic distinctive features like the new grille, taillight, and headlights but it will most likely be coming in with the same engine options as well. That means we could be looking at the same 1.5 liters VTEC engine or the 2.0 liter VTEC Turbo engine when we pull up the hood.

The Honda CR-V will be making its debut at the LA Auto Show.

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