2017 Honda CR-V Can’t Win Without Hybrid

Is the missing hybrid option really the reason why the Honda CR-V is still trailing behind the Toyota RAV4?

Honda have been working hard to catch up to the Toyota RAV4 and they have succeeded in closing the gap but Honda is still far from winning the race and some poeple think that it could be because the Honda CR-V does not come with a hybrid option right now.

Unlike the Honda CR-V, the current Toyota RAV4 comes with a Hybrid option that has significantly boosted the sales of the RAV4. According to reports, the addition of the new Hybrid option has helped increase the sales of the Toyota RAV4 model by 10%.

As of now, it does not look like the 2017 Honda CR-V will be getting a hybrid option which means the CR-V will most likely be trailing the RAV4 until the 2018 model arrives. It has been reported that the 2018 model could arrive with a plug-in hybrid option.

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