2017 Honda CR-V Can’t Take One RAV4 By Holding Back

Honda might have overtaken the Toyota RAV4 in terms of sales now but the gap is not that big and Honda will have to really go all out if they plan to keep their lead.

To boost the sales of the Toyota RAV4, Toyota decided to add on a hybrid option to the lineup to appeal to those looking for a greener option. Well, the tactic work because the Toyota RAV4 sales went up by 10% soon after the hybrid model was offered.

It is clear that people are looking for a hybrid-powered model and you would that Honda would get the message and release a hybrid powered Honda CR-V but that hasn’t happened yet. In fact, it is believed that Honda has no intention of offering a hybrid option on the 2017 model.

Some believe we will only see a hybrid powered Honda CR-V when the 2018 model arrives. The 2018 model will also be coming with a new design and probably a new powertrain as well.

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