2017 Honda CR-V Can’t Stop RAV 4 Without Missing Option

The Honda CR-V is the Toyota RAV4’s toughest rival right now but the fact is that Honda is not even close to beating the Toyota RAV4 right now and the fans seem to think that it is because Honda decided to not offer the CR-V with a hybrid option.

Honda did manage to close the gap between them and the Toyota RAV4 but the RAV4 is still slightly ahead thanks to the new hybrid option. It has been reported that the Toyota RAV4 sales went up by 10% since the hybrid option was added on.

At this point, it does not look like Honda is ever going to offer the Honda CR-V with a hybrid option but there are rumors saying that the upcoming 2018 model might come with a hybrid option.

Other also pointed out that the lack of features like the 360 view on the Honda CR-V was also one of the reasons why RAV4 is still able to keep the lead.

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