2017 Honda Civic vs Toyota Corolla: Tighter Than Ever

The Toyota Corolla have been trying to catch up to the Honda Civic for almost the whole year and they finally did it this month but who do you think is the ultimate winner here?

The Toyota Corolla has been keeping their lead ahead of the Honda Civic for a few months now and they continued to do so in the month of November. Toyota sold a total of 26,747 Toyota Corolla in November while Honda sold 25,303 units of their Honda Civic.

While that is impressive, the Toyota Corolla sales actually dropped by 6.2% when compared to the number of Corolla they sold in October. The Honda Civic sale percentage also dropped by 4.0% last month although when compared to their sales back in 2015, the Corolla improved by 10.6% while the Honda Civic improved by only 1%.

It might look like the Toyota Corolla is winning but overall, Honda still holds the trophy for selling 335,445 units for 2016 while the Toyota Corolla only sold about 331,081 units.

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