2017 Honda Civic Sports Touring vs Si: A New Civil War

The Honda Civic Sport Touring model was supose to be the model to go for if you were looking for a Civic with a title more aggresion to it before Honda starts offering the SI and Type-R but before the Sport Touring model had time to warm up, Honda was already out there showing off the new Honda Civic SI model.

The Honda Civic SI prototype was shown off at the Los Angeles Auto Show and people were very impressed with what Honda had to offer. Even though the vehicle is just a protoype, the actual production model should not look too different.

Under the hood fo the Honda Civic SI is a 1.5 liter VTEC Turbo turbocharged engine that will be delivering about 205hp and 306hp. A six speed manual transmission will also be offered as an option as well.

Besides getting an engine upgrade, the Honda Civic SI will also be fitted with features like aluminium support pedal, sport seats and more. Would the SI overshadow the Sport Touring hatch?

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