2017 Honda Civic Sports Touring: SI Will Be The Death Of It

While Honda has already released the details for the Honda Civic Hatchback models except for the top of the range Honda Civic Sports Touring model. The release date, features as well as the price of the top model is still a secret for now but that will no longer matter soon as Honda prepares to bring in the new SI model.

Honda has never revealed when they are planning to release the Honda Civic SI model but many believe that it is not that far off now. If the Honda Civic SI does arrive, it should be coming in with a 2.0-liter turbo engine that will definitely outshine the Honda Civic Sport Touring Hatchback model.

We are also expecting the Honda Civic SI to come in with a more aggressive looking exterior design to match its performance and it might end up looking way better than the Hatchback model.

Would you pick the Sport Touring Hatchback over the Honda Civic SI?

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