2017 Honda Civic Sports Touring Kick Out Stage By SI

We knew that Honda was working on a new SI model based on the new Honda Civic but since there was so little information about the SI, all eyes were on the Honda Civic Sport Touring hatchback model but all of that change when Honda showed off the Honda Civic SI prototype at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

It might be called a prototype but the production model shold not stray too far from the prototype. The Honda Civic SI that Honda showed off came with a 1.5 liter VTEC Tubro turbocharged four cylinder engine that will be offering about 205hp and 306hp. The engine will also be fitted with a six speed manual trnasmission.

Other than getting slighlty more powerful engine, the Honda Civic SI will also be equipped with a few additional features like sports seats, aluminium support pedal and more.

Do you think the consumers would choose the Honda Civic Sport Touring hatchback model over the Honda Civic SI?

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