2017 Honda Civic SI vs Hatchback: Hatchback At A Disadvantage From The Start

The Honda Civic Hatchback the one you will want to see now. The upgraded design based on the new Honda Civic and all its features and tech makes it one of the most desirable cars in the market right not but with Honda revealing what the Honda Civic SI could possibly look like when it arrive, did they just ruined it all for the Honda Civic Hatchback?

Honda was at the Los Angeles Auto Show where they showed off the new Honda Civic SI Prototype. It might only be a prototype model for now but the production model should not look too different from the one we saw at the LA Auto Show.

Looking at the Honda Civic SI, a lot of consumers are now saying that they would rather hold off their plans to get the Honda Civic Hatchback and wait for the Honda Civic SI to arrive before they decided. With what the Honda Civic SI has to offer, the Honda Civic Hatchback might be at a disadvantage here especially if you were looking to get the top of the range Honda Civic Sport Touring hatch.

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