2017 Honda Civic Si vs Civic Hatchback: Can’t Please Everyone

When Honda first took the covers off the Honda Civic Hatchback model, a lot of people were not too happy with some of the changes that Honda made to the design and some people would even go so far as to say that it looked ugly.

That was the reason why so many people were looking forward to seeing what the new Honda Civic Si will look like. We know that the SI will be made to look more aggressive since it is a more powerful model but now that we have gotten a look at what the Honda Civic Si could look like thanks to the prototype, some people are saying that they wish Honda had stuck closer to the hatchback instead.

It seems like the younger buyers are happy with the more aggressive looking design that we see on the Si while the older buyers prefer the hatchback.

If you were to pick one between the two, which model will it be?

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