2017 Honda Civic Si Calms Down Manic Type-R

All eyes were on the Honda Civic Type R when it was shown off at the Paris Motor Show not too long ago but that will not last for long because Honda is ready to show off their upcoming new 2017 Honda Civic Si model.

Honda might have wanted to surprise us all but the LA Auto Show spoilt the fun for them by leaking that Honda will be debuting the new Honda Civic SI at the event. We do not know how it will look like exactly but we have a rough idea of what Honda will be offering.

We are expecting to see most of the Civic design language on the Si and while it should be a little more aggressive than the standard model, it will still be tamer than the Type R.

The new Honda Civic Si will be fighting new models like the Jeep Compass, Nissan Rogue and more at the LA Auto Show this year.

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