2017 Honda Civic Hatchback: Appeasing The Stick Fans

Manual transmissions are not the most popular option in the market right down despite the stick fans swearing that driving manual is the best way to drive a car. Because of that, manual transmissions are only offered on the base option but Honda is looking to change that with their Honda Civic Hatchback.

The Honda Civic LX model with the 2.0 liter four cylinder engine will come with the manual transmission option but other than that, Honda will also be offering the manual transmission on the 1.5 liters turbocharged four-engine model as well.

Now, manual drivers will not have to be stuck with the lowest engine option anymore and the fans couldn’t be happier.

The new Honda Civic Hatchback base model will come with a $20,535 and will come fitted with standard features like auto climate control, steering wheel mounted audio control, 60/40 split-folding rear seat and more.

Steven Estevez

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