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2017 Ford Super Duty, Honda Ridgeline, & Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro: Spoilt For Choices


This is the year for truck lovers as automakers are all scrambling to get a truck of their own out there competing with their competitors. We are still waiting for trucks like the Ford Ranger to arrive but before that happens, we will be seeing the Honda Ridgeline, Ford Super Duty as well as the Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro.

Most people would not consider the Honda Ridgeline a real truck mainly because it is not as tough and as rugged as some of the other trucks in the market but for that lookng for a daily vehicle that has some extra space in the back, the Ridgeline would be perfect.

Those looking for a real off-roader will have the Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro to choose from. Pack with a long list of off-road features and some of Toyota new tech, the Tacoma TRD Pro will be the ultimate rugged truck.

And then there is the Ford Super Duty truck as well.

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