2017 Ford Ranger: Time For Battle

The Ford Ranger might have been removed from the US market but it is still being sold in markets all over the world and despite its poor sales in the US, the Ford Ranger seems to be doing just find in the other markets.

The Ford Ranger was taken out of the US due to poor sales but with the demand for trucks on the rise, the Ford Ranger might be given a second chance here in the US. Ford will surely be looking for a truck of their own to compete with models like the Chevrolet Colorado and Toyota Tacoma and some people are saying that it is going to be the Ford Ranger.

Ford did not confirm the rumor but people did start paying attention to the rumor when spies spotted the Ford Ranger getting tested here in the US. It is believed the production of the new truck will be starting in 2017 and that the truck will be built at the Michigan plant after the Ford C-Max and Ford Focus contract ends next year.

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