2017 Ford Ranger Making The Bronco Possible

While we don’t know of Ford is really going to bring back the Ford Bronco or not, we know that Ford is working to bring back their Ford Ranger so that they can compete with trucks like the Honda Ridgeline here in the US.

News about Ford possibly bringing back the Ford Ranger started after the vehicle was spotted getting tested here in the US. It is now believed that Ford will start producing the Ford Ranger next year at their Michigan plant after the contract for the Ford Focus and Ford C-Max ends.

As exciting as that sounds, we are more interested in the SUV that will be built alongside the Ford Ranger. There were speculations saying that Ford might build an SUV based on the Ford Ranger. Although no names were mention, most people seems to think that it could be the long-awaited Ford Bronco.

If Ford does give the Bronco the green light, the off-roader will give the Jeep Wrangler a run for its money.

Steven Estevez

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