2017 Ford Ranger and Bronco: One More Desireable Than The Other

It was a pity that Ford had to remove the Ford Ranger and the Ford Bronco from their lineup but now that talks about both these models making a coming back have started, it is clear that one of them are more desirable than the other.

As much as we like what Ford had to offer on the Ford Ranger in markets like Australia, the fact is that there are more than enough trucks in the market right now and customers are already spoilt for choice.

The same cannot be said about the Ford Bronco. Fans have been begging Ford to bring the Bronco back ever since they showed off the concept a few years ago. It is believed that Ford plans to build the Ford Bronco based on the Ford Ranger truck. Although Ford did not confirm the rumor, the fans are already getting excited about the possibility of the Ford Bronco making a comeback.

It is believed that both the Ford Ranger and Ford Bronco will be built at their Michigan plant.

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