2017 Ford Bronco & Ford Ranger: Is It Time?

The Ford Ranger was taken out of the US market due to poor sales but the truck has been doing pretty well for itself in the other markets around the world. With the demand for trucks on the rise here in the US, is it time for Ford to bring it back?

It will not be an easy battle for Ford if they do decide to bring the Ford Ranger back. With models like the Toyota Tacoma, Honda Ridgeline, and Chevrolet Colorado all competing for the top spot, the Ford Ranger might get left behind.

Rumors about Ford bring the Ford Ranger back started after the Ford Ranger was spotted getting tested in the US. It is believed that production should be starting next year.

There were also talk about Ford looking to build an SUV based on the truck. We do not know what Ford have been planning but there were already rumors about the SUV being the long-awaited Ford Bronco.

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