2017 Chevrolet Volt Becoming A Real Threat To Tesla Now

With what the Chevrolet Volt has to offer right now, we are no surprise that they manage to keep such a promising lead against the Nissan Leaf but we never thought that it would actually be able to challenge Tesla.

Of course, they have not taken over Tesla yet but they definitely seem to have the capability to do it. Since this is a GM car after all, we know that they will have no problem pushing out the Volt as fast as they can. We know that Tesla has been struggling to pump out their Tesla Models to keep up with the demand.

We also know that GM had pretty much ignored the Chevrolet Volt when it comes to selling it. They barely made any ads for the Volt and yet, the EV powered model still got so much attention. Image what it would be like if GM went all out to sell it.

Let’s not forget about the price advantage that the Chevrolet Volt seems to have as well.

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