2017 Chevrolet Bolt Will Match Tesla Model S?

The Chevrolet Bolt have been getting a lot of attention due to its reasonable pricing and electric range but does that mean that the Bolt will be able to challenge the Tesla Model S in terms of sales number next year? Well, LG Chem certainly thinks so.

The vice president of LG Chem, Kang Chang Beom predicted that the Chevrolet would sell 30,000 units of their Chevrolet Bolt next year which is close to the amount of Tesla Model S that Tesla managed to sell last year. Not many EV powered model have managed to hit the 30,000 unit mark but it has been reported that the EV models sales in America have been improving.

The new 2017 Chevrolet Bolt will be coming in with an EV powertrain that will allow the vehicle to travel for 238miles combined. The base model will retail for $37,495.

Will the Chevrolet Bolt make it?

Steven Estevez

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