2017 Chevrolet Bolt To Face Pacifica Hybrid Soon

The Chevrolet Bolt does not have a whole lot of rivals right now but that might as soon as the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid goes through its final stages of testing. Once that is done, the Bolt will have a new competitor to face.

It is believed that Chrysler is hoping to bring the Pacifica Hybrid out just in time for the Holiday season and based on what we have heard from the Chevrolet Bolt dealer, that is also the same time Chevrolet is hoping to release their Bolt as well.

While Chevrolet has not made any announcement, some dealers have already revealed that the Bolt is on the way. A Southern California-based dealer, Keyes Chevrolet announced that they were taking pre-orders for the Bolt a few weeks ago and added that they will be getting 78units of the Bolt but 35unit were already spoken for.

A Silicon Valley dealer also confirm that the Bolt is on the way and they too are getting an initial allocation.

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