2017 BMW i3: Being Ugly Isn’t Cheap

The BMW i3 has been teased a lot for being one of the ugliest BMW on the road right now but that does not mean that it will not hurt your bank account.

The BMW i3 might not be the best-looking model around but it does come with tons of new features and tech along with an EV engine. Then there is that BMW badge as well. Powering the BMW i3 is an electric motor that will be working with a two-cylinder gasoline engine that will help extend the range of the vehicle.

For 2017, BMW has decided to include a new battery pack that will help increase the range of the BMW i3 by 50%. So how much will you have to pay to get one of these? Well, the base model will come with a $42,000 price tag. Fitting it with the Tech and Driver Assistance Package will bring that up to $56,395. In return, you will be getting a 20inch Sports wheels along with a moonroof.

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