2017 BMW 3-Series Diesel Pushed Back, Volkswagen To Blame?

We know that BMW models like the BMW 3 Series, BMW 5-Series, BMW X3 and BMW X5 will all be getting a diesel engine here in the US but if you are hoping that the diesel engine will arrive soon, you will be disappointed.

After the whole Volkswagen diesel scandal, US regulators are taking longer to certify new diesel powered model and because of that, the BMW diesel model’s arrival date will have to be pushed back.

Of course, BMW is not the only on affected by Volkswagen’s diesel cheating scandal as models like the Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon were also given additional scrutiny by EPA before getting the green light.

BMW did not reveal when the BMW models will be pushed back to. All we can hope now is that the US regulators are able to certify the models sooner so that BMW can get back to work.

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