2017 Audi TT: Some Folks Have It Bad

An Audi TT with a turbo diesel engine is the dream for many sports car fans around the world and while some fans will eventually be able to get their hands on the Audi sports car, the people over in Australia can only admire the car from afar.

According to Audi Australia, the turbo diesel powered Audi TT is not going to make its way to Australia. According to Audi Australia, there is just not enough demand for the previous Audi TT Diesel to convince them that the new model will do well in the market.

They also added that the Audi TT Diesel does not meet what their customers are looking for. They said that the Audi TT was released as an entry point option but most of their Audi TT customers are looking at high specs models like the 2.0-liter turbo powered model.

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