2016 Toyota Tacoma: Fighting Speed With Speed

The only way Chevrolet could catch up to the Toyota Tacoma was to speed things up. Despite all the obvious advantages the Chevrolet Colorado seems to have over the Toyota Tacoma, the Colorado is still struggling to overtake the Tacoma in terms of sales.

The slow production rate was often said to be the reason why the Colorado just can’t seem to catch up. GM have already added a third shift to their production plant to speed things up but that wasn’t enough.

They finally decided to upgrade the second plant this year to speed up the production rate. Thanks to the upgrade, GM manage to sell a total of 13,389 of the Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon in April this year.

Under normal circumstances, this number would be enough to beat the Toyota Tacoma but Toyota manages to also boost the sales of the Tacoma by adding an extra shift. They manage to stay ahead by selling about 18,105 in the same month.

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