2016 Toyota Prius: Cool Car Says Nobody

Although the Prius is still one of the most popular green cars in the market, it is far from being the coolest model around especially with that new exterior design is has on right now.

Many Prius fans think that Toyota might have messed it all up with the new design but many of them are willing to forgive Toyota after they saw what the new Prius will be offering is terms of fuel economy.

According to the EPA rating, the Toyota Prius is able to offer about 52mpg combined. In fact, that is not even the best the Prius has to offer right now. The new Prius Two Eco model is able to return about 56mpg combined.

With numbers like that, people are willing to look past the exterior design but don’t expect anybody to go as far as to call the Prius a cool model because we all know that it isn’t.

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