2016 Smart ForTwo Going Soft On The Top

Smart will be making a few changes to the 2016 Smart ForTwo model and one of the upgrades includes changing the roof of the ForTwo.

The base Smart ForTwo model will now come with a soft fabric top. Although the cover is made of fabric, it is still a solid roof and cannot the folded to become a convertible.

The 2016 Smart ForTwo Premium, on the other hand, will now be getting the Comfort package as part of their standard feature which means features like rear parking assistance, height adjustable steering wheel, height adjustable seat and the Smart Media system will all be offered as standard features now.

The Premium Plus will be getting all those upgrades as well as some additional features like LED headlights, taillights, ambient lighting, rain sensors as well as reversing camera.

The base Smart ForTwo model will now retail for £11,125 and will be available this September.

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