2016 Mazda 6 GT: No Upgrade Needed

Automakers will usually upgrade the design of a model that has been around for a few year so we are expecting to see the Mazda 6 GT get its upgrade as well but unlike most of the other models, nobody seems to be asking for Mazda to upgrade their Mazda 6 GT model.

Despite being around for a few years now, people still seems to love what Mazda has to offer on the Mazda 6 GT. In fact, we think that people won’t actually mind if Mazda ends up keeping the design on for a few more years.

The signature grille illumination, the rear spoiler, painted alloy wheels, power glass sunroof and more all help keep the Mazda 6 GT relevant.

Under the hood of the Mazda 6 GT right now is an 184hp engine that is capable of returning about 26mpg in the city and 38mpg on the highway. It will also come fitted with interior features like sport front seat, hands-free entry, leather seats, multi-level heating driver seat, rearview camera and more.

The Mazda 6 GT model now retails for $30,195.

Steven Estevez

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