2016 MacBook Pro: Forget Skylake, Cannonlake Next Year More Realistic

It is a well-known fact that Intel was faced with a lot of difficulty when it came to the manufacturing of their 14 nanometer Broadwell parts. Of course this meant there was a delay when it came to products with the chip from the latter half of 2014 to early 2015. Now they are following out new chips and the same could happen again. While we have heard that the 2016 MacBook Pro is coming our way you might not want to hold out any hopes for the arrival of Skylake with it.

Intel is hoping to get the Skylake chip during the second half of 2015 and Kaby Lake during the second half of the following year and then Cannolake in 2017. This should hopefully allow the PC customers of Intel to launch systems with predictable rates. But what does this have to do with the 2016 MacBook Pro?

The 2016 MacBook Pro should have the new chip right? Well if so we should expect to see it during the second half of any given year. If Skylake gets rolled out during the second half of this year then Apple should do a refresh of the MacBoo line-up to include it.

The 2016 MacBook Pro could get a huge boost. The 13 inch version did get upgraded with eh 14 nanometre Broadwell chip this year but of course Apple is going to want to make the update to Skylake as soon as they can. The 15 inch version has been using the older Haswell processor for two years and with the launch of Skylake there is no better time for Apple to make the upgrade.

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