2016 MacBook Pro: Fast-Track To Record Sales

All the negative feedback would not matter to Apple now since the Apple MacBook Pro is doing way better than what we expected. Despite all the complaints, it looks like people are still picking up the Apple MacBook Pro as fast as they can.

According to Apple, the response has been great so far and that the Apple online store has more orders for the new MacBook Pro than any other Apple MacBook Pro notebook in the past.

The sales are coming in despite all the resentment their customers have. We can’t imagine how it would be if Apple actually gave their customers something they wanted.

One of the biggest issues their customers had was the removal of the SD Slot. According to Apple, the slot was “cumbersome” which was why they decided to get rid of it. Unlike the Apple iPhone 7, Apple decided to keep the headphone jack on the MacBook Pro which means the headphones for the Apple iPhone 7 with the lightning port will not work on the MacBook Pro. However, so matter how bad Apple messes up, you can bet that the product will still sell well.

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