2016 Honda Pilot: Should You Be Worried About The Transmission?

We do hear a lot of reports about how unreliable the transmission on the Honda Pilot is and that has had a lot of people worrying if getting the 2016 Honda Pilot would end up being a mistake. Is the transmission really that problematic? Well, that might be true in the past but it is still a problem now?

Although they seem to be a lot of complaints about how bad the transmission is on the Honda Pilot the fact is that it might not be as bad as what we believe it to be. According to some of the people working at the Honda Dealer, they rarely get a customer that comes in with transmission issues.

They also added that those that do come in with a transmission issue was mostly because they did not make the effort to maintain it. The fact is that things got a whole lot better ever since 2007 and as long as the owners make sure the fluids are changed on time, they should not have any issue with the transmission on the Honda Pilot.

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