2016 Honda Civic Showing Spark Torque Does Not Matter

Looking at what the Chevrolet Spark EV has to offer now, you would think that the Spark would have an advantage over the Honda Civic because of its torque advantage but that clearly is not the case here.

The Chevrolet Spark EV comes with an engine that will be offering about 327lb ft of torque while the Honda Civic will come with an engine that will be offering about 162lb ft of torque.

With so much torque available, why isn’t the Spark EV beating the Honda Civic? Well, while it does have more torque, it just does not have the hp to compete with the Honda Civic right now.

The Chevrolet Spark also comes with a single speed gearbox which means the range of the electric motor is rather limited. Of course, most people don’t actually run out to get the Spark EV so that they can compete with the Honda Civic.

Steven Estevez

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