2016 Honda Civic Hatchback Not Going To Surprise Anybody This Year

We now that Honda will be offering a new Honda Civic Hatchback this year based on the newly released Honda Civic and while Honda has not officially shown it off just yet, we won’t really be surprised when they finally take the covers off the hatchback later this year.

Although we have not seen how the production version of the Honda Civic Hatchback will look like this time around, we did get to see the new Honda Civic Hatchback concept that Honda showed off at the New York Auto Show.

They might be calling it a concept but based on some of the spy shots we have seen so far, it looks like the production model will most likely end up looking like the concept we saw in New York.

Under the hood of the upcoming Honda Civic Hatchback will be the 1.0-liter engine that delivers about 120hp. Honda will also throw in the 1.5 liters VTEC Turbo engine that will be delivering about 174hp.

It is believed that the Honda Civic Hatchback will be making its debut at the Paris Auto Show later this year.

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