2016 Google Nexus Will Lose Rooters Support

The Nexus devices have always been rooters top choice mainly because it runs on the stock Android and also because they are always the first ones to get any Google Android update. However, Google might lose the support of the rooters when they release the new Nexus devices with the new Android Nougat.

Googles has just announced that their upcoming Android Nougat will be coming with a new security feature that will stop the device from booting up the system detects a corrupted boot image.

Google added that the security feature was added so that they are able to catch more virus and malware before any real damage is done but it will also prevent users from rooting the device.

According to Google, the Android Nougat new security features will only be included in devices that come with a locked bootloader. That means rooters can still root devices with the Nougat OS as long as they get one without a locked bootloader.

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