2016 Google Nexus: Rooters Won’t Be Too Happy

The thing about owning a Google Nexus device is that it runs on Android and since it is from Google, they will be the first to receive all the software updates and because of that, the Google Nexus smartphones are always seen as being the top choice for rooters but thing might change soon.

Google has just announced that the new Android 7.0 Nougat which will be coming with the new Nexus smartphones will come with a new security feature that will stop the device from booting up if it detects a corrupt boot image.

According to Google, this security feature was added so that they are able to detect more virus and malware. They added that the feature will be available on devices that will runs on the Android Nougat with a locked bootloader.

Those without the locked bootloader can still be rooted but since this is Google after all, the Nexus will most likely come with a locked bootloader.

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