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2016 GM Cadillac CT6 Won’t Start Cooling Without You


Allowing the vehicle to start up first before you get it and drive it all gives it time to warm up and also allow the AC to cool down the car a bit before you get it but it looks like some users won’t be able to do that with their Cadillac CT6 anymore.

We do not know if this is a common issue with the 2016 Cadillac CT6 or not but some owners have gone on Reddit to complain about how their remote start is not working like it should and that they hope GM would do something about it.

The driver pointed out there seems to be a glitch that will not let the air come through the AC to cool the car off. Some owners are asking for GM to issue a recall although we do not think that would happen since this is not a safety issue. They should offer their customers a software update to fix the problem though.

You can check out the video here.

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