2016 Ford Mustang Still Can’t Claim Top Spot Yet

The response to the new Ford Mustang with its new design and engine was very positive when Ford releases it back in 2014. In fact, the Ford Mustang is still going strong up to this day but it still can’t seem to nap that top spot for themselves.

The Ford Mustang might be on the top in markets like the US but in the Europe, the Ford Mustang is still trailing behind the Audi TT taking the third spot after the Audi sport car and the Porsche 911.

With how many models Ford sold up until now, you would think that the sales number would be closers but the Audi TT is way ahead of the Ford Mustang. The Audi TT managed to sell 12,479 while Ford only sold 9231units of the Ford Mustang.

It looks like the Europe market might still need some time to warm up to the Ford Mustang.

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