2016 Ford Mustang: Don’t Trust 5.0L V8 Figures!

If you look under the hood of the Ford Mustang V8 and see the 5.0-liter V8 engine under the hood, most people would say that it won’t be the most fuel efficient model to drive but is that really the case.

While it is true that the size of the engine does play a bog role in the fuel economics of the vehicle, the way you drive it also helps determine if the vehicle is going to be more fuel efficient or less.

At the MPG Marathon, the Ford Mustang with its V8 engine managed to close the finish line with 36.6mpg. We know that Ford stated that the car will return about 20,9mpg so it was a surprise that it could actually return that much.

According to the driver, it was all about letting the Mustang follow the road with minimal brake usage. You can check out the rest of the winner here.

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