2016 Ford Focus RS: Drift NOT Made Easy

You would think that with a special new Drift Mode on the new 2016 Ford Focus RS, drifting will be effortless now but it is definitely not the case here.

While it seems like the Drift Mode is working perfectly for some people, other people have not been getting the same success. The fact that Ford is now offering all their Ford Focus RS customers a free RS Adrenaline Academy course shows that even Ford thinks that their drivers will need some training before they can control the Focus RS. The course will teach the drivers how to drive in all the driving mode including the Drift Mode.

While drifting is definitely easier, the drivers will also need to have a certain knowledge on how to do it. Some people have already started posting videos of them trying it out on YouTube and not everybody has been successful.

Here is one of the many videos you can watch online.

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