2016 Ford Explorer & F-150: Won’t Let You Sit Tight!

Ford will be issuing a recall to recall back the Ford Explorer and the Ford F-150 after it was discovered that an issue with the driver seat might cause the driver more injuries during a crash.

According to the report, the driver seat’s rear seatback might have a bad weld which might result in the seat failing to retrain the driver during an accident increasing the risk of injury.

The affected model will be the 2015 – 2016 Ford Explorer that was build at their Chicago Assembly plant between the 17th of February until the 7of March this year. The Ford F-150 models that will be affected includes those that we build at their Dearborn Assembly Plant from the 20th of February until the 25th of February 2016 and the Kansas City Assembly plant from the 17th of February until the 24th of February.

Affected models will be getting a new driver seat backrest for free.

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