2016 Ford Bronco vs Ford F150: Two Monstrous Vehicle In The Works

The Ford Bronco was considered to be the best SUV in the history back in the mid-90s. Unfortunately, the Bronco didn’t manage to extend its stay, thus leaving the fans in distraught for decades.

Now, there is some sort of confirmation that the Bronco is going to be resurrected. However, it will carry on the Bronco’s legacy with a different name. Known as the Troller, the SUV has every description that would make the perfect Bronco.

It rides on a combine 6-speed ZF-6 manual or 6-speed 6R140 automatic transmission with either a 4.5 liter diesel engine or a 3.5 liter Ecoboost engine. Also, the hallmark three chrome plated grille and horizontal chrome bars that was once on the Bronco will return to the Ford Troller.

Inside the vehicle, everything will be digitalized. The SUV will be getting a full touchscreen infotainment system and navigation system. Also, the dashboard and seats will be coated in premium materials.

The Troller aside, Ford is also looking to update the F-150 with a new model. The 3-seater pickup truck will be powered by a 3.7-liter V6 engine of 302 hp as standard. This will make the upcoming F-150 much stronger than its predecessors. The vehicle is also built with aluminium to reduce its weight, thus improving efficiency and power.

These are exciting times ahead for the Ford community. The American carmaker has been on gung-ho over the past decade and they don’t look like slowing down one bit. Be very prepared to meet and greet the Troller and the new F-150.

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