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2016 BMW M6 Frozen Exterior Cool But Impractical


Those looking to get the BMW M6 should know that BMW is also offering them with the Frozen exterior. Buyers who choose this option will get a BMW M6 with a matte exterior.

While some people are just against the idea of having a matte exterior saying that Matte does not look as good as glossy models. Others seem to think that the Frozen matte colors on the BMW M6 are a great option.

However, the matte exterior is not the easier to care for and in general, is considered less practical than the glossy paint since you can just wash it with any normal soap and wax and will have to bring it to a different kind of car wash.

You will also have to pay an extra $2000 to get the vehicle mated. All of that just so you can turn a few more heads when you pass by. Do you think it is worth getting?

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