2016 BMW M4 GTS: The Bavarians Will Put PepBoys Out Of Work

We presented you with the BMW Concept M4 GTS late last night, which is a exclusive production which includes a water-injection system, new OLED taillights, and a whole range of aerodynamic upgrades. We have a number of live images now.

These pictures are from the set of the debut which was at one of Pebble Beache’s various luxurious estates. We are able to see the M4 GTS as is actually is, thanks to the natural lighting. the Frozen Dark Grey paint and orange accents are bothgreatly improves, whilst the wheels and chin spoiler have a sort of bronzed look to them. The Concept M4 GTS is given a more adverse look due to the paint’s semi-matte look.

Last night we also commented on the conflict between the orange wheel accents and the yellow calipers, however as we can see on the live photos, the calipers are actually more gold than they are yellow. Even so, there is still a fairly big distinction between the two colors, but the appearance has improvd from what it looked like last night.

At the top of the page you can view the whole gallery of live images of the new Conceps M4 GTS, so go take a look.

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