2016 Audi Q3 Facelift: Attention Is For The Booty, Not The Face

Come next year, Audi will be introducing a new-looking Q3. There has yet to be any indication on what the Q3 Facelift has got to offer but we have got a rough idea of it after viewing a visualization of the vehicle.

The design which was created by Auto Bild suggests some subtle changes to the front portion. Instead of having a vicious design, the Facelift is revealed to feature a family-friendly look that is inspired from the Crosslane Coupe and the AllRoad Shooting Brake concepts.

In detail, there will be a smaller and edgier front grille that is pained in chrome. Also, the Q3 Facelift will sport a more angular headlamps and sharper bumpers. Then again, the front portion does not look anything special in our books.

The rear, however, captured out attention, even if the changes are not as much as the front portion. The taillights look as if they are frowning and the bumper is kept thin and neat to give off a bolder rear.

Aside from the front and the rear, there are no other changes made on the design aspect. Regardless, the Audi Q3 Facelift will be competing with the Mercedes GLA and BMW X1 when it gets released mid next year.


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